Final project construct 2 documentation

Chemistry: Acid and Alkali


how to play:

-when you start the game a random product of reaction will appear. the goal is to find which substance react to form the asked product

-you need to take the substance from the container and put it into the mixer

-after inputing two substance the mixer will return a product

-you need to submit your result to the table

-for every correct product you submit you will get 100 point

-if you submit a wrong substance your life will be decreased by 1 ( you have 3 intitially)



-use arrow keys to move

-use space key to interact

-you can press p key to pause the game

-hold tab to see the name of substance represented by each image


contribution of team members:

-LongLong Tjandra and Kevin Tarada: logic of the game

-Arnold Widjaja: design



all of the asset/ items used in the game is not made by our team the asset/ items are take from internet mostly from pinterest and google.

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